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Loumidis goes to Crete

One great opportunity.

Isobar, invites me to make a film based on relationships of a good blend.

The challenge is big, but beautiful.

Alongside my partner, Anastasia Pyrovolaki,

under Marni Films umbrella,

we need to bring this project to life, starting from the script to production,

casting and locations.

But through this process, which makes every project unique,

you get to meet people who become your work partners in one day

and friends for a lifetime, full of joy and stories to tell.

All of this, makes the process magical, full of new experiences.

This is the first time, that creative people who I admire, such as Christos Papavasiliou

and George Keskelidis, blessed with a beautiful mind,

created a concept first of its kind in the Greek market.

To be able to get that freedom...

To write, to think, to be challenged, to be thrown in the deep and discover

different aspects of yourself that you never knew before.

A project, full of fun and creativity, bring this to life:

“I’ve seen you, I know your silence,

the morning warmth of your home.

I can’t change the past neither your future.

But as long as you need me I’ll be there.

Your joys, your triumphs and your successes are not mine, but honestly I enjoy seeing you happy.

I’ve seen you cry, laugh, not doing anything.

You want me to be strong but I don’t always succeed. I want to be there, with you.

Give me your hand, talk to me, hear me.

I too have things to say, with my own way.“

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